Canada South Science City is a registered Canadian charity and as such, relies on its dedicated volunteers for much of its success.
Volunteers are on site daily helping to build exhibits, manage the Tide Pool Café and its customers, provide guided tours for school groups and assist with numerous tasks and responsibilities within the science centre.

If you are interested in a really a truley unique and gratifying volunteer experience at Science City in any of the following areas, please contact us by phone at 973-3667 or by e-mail for additional details and information.

You can download volunteer application form here
You will require Adobe Acrobat reader to open this form, download Acrobat reader for free Get Adobe Reader

Volunteers are always needed and always appreciated in the following areas:

* Exhibit building and maintenance

* Building cleaning and maintenance

* Display and creative concepts and installations

* Tour guides and workshop leaders

* General Admissions Desk

* Visitor Services

* Computer Science Lab Monitoring

* Marketing, Fundraising and Event Development

All Science City Volunteers receive a free one-year membership with our thanks and appreciation after their first 20 hours
of volunteer service to the science centre.
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